Digital Missions

2.2 Look at some reasons we have found out

1. We can use digital in a variety of ways – audio, video etc

2. Digital channels can be open always (websites, bots etc)

3. It can reach across the nations

4. The message is received nearly instantly – no time delay

5. Literally no country is closed 6. You can geo target countries or cities through ads.

7. You can connect one on one or one to many.

8. Internet is where people are searching for answers

9. It is fun to use technology

10. It is there in hundreds of languages

11. Can be very cost effective compared to printing

12. Several things can be automated (text messages and emails etc)

13. It is not rocket science. You can learn it fast

14. Billions are online and have access.

15. It can be used for ministering from a distance, like during COVID – 19 🙂

16. We do not need airfares and visas to minister

17. What we create is easily transferable

18. You can measure the reach

19. People can interact with your content on multiple devices

20. Many use it for evil, so we should use digital to spread the good news In the next session, you can watch an interesting video. Please do come back after watching this external video. In case you have difficulty watching the external video, please move on. We have the important points in the next session.