Digital Missions

3. 14 Websites

Here are some great websites that you can use for sharing the good news


Marilyn Adamson was an atheist. But she had a believer friend. Marilyn used to have lot of questions about God and life. She used to ask these questions to her friend. Her friend used to research for answers and get back to Marilyn with the answers. This went on for several months. Marilyn got convinced that there is a God in heaven and that He loves her. She gave her life to Christ. Marilyn realized that people have lot of questions about God and life but there is no good place to ask those questions. So she created in English. Today we have that site in Hindi (, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali in India.

Find answers to questions on life, love and God. Visit / or any of the language sites above. The sites will also help new believers grow in their faith and witness, through articles and automated article sets. Check out hundreds of articles on various topics related to our lives. Site also offers a full fledged follow up pathway for those who come to know God personally and indicate that on the site.


This site, currently in Hindi, Punjabi and Gujarati (different URLs) offers people a chance to share their challenges in a confidential environment and get scripture based answers/counseling.

These are the key principles every Christian needs to know. Essentials will help you understand the most important principles for living as a follower of Christ. Available in 65 languages. It is a story based approach. Each lesson begins with a story from the Bible along with a video to illustrate the point.