Digital Missions

3. 15 Short Films and Videos

The most powerful way to insert an idea into the world is through story. — Robert McKee

Everyone loves a good story, and today’s master storytellers share their narratives through film. When you watch a film, you connect with the characters and you identify with their lives. You find yourself drawn in because you’ve had similar hopes and dreams, disappointments and hurts, relationships and experiences.

Everyone is on a journey, living out their own life story. After showing a film, you can come alongside someone in their journey by hearing their responses to the film’s story, and by exploring their story. Asking questions and genuinely listening can open a door to significant spiritual conversations. As a result of hearing their responses, God may just open a door for you to share a bit of your story, and even His story.

Short Films are platforms for deeper conversations. Short films can be used in a wide variety of settings to help you cultivate deeper relationships and community. You can find a collection of short films on These hand selected films are based on universal themes that you will find are worth talking about.

You can watch one of the great short films that contain a brief presentation of gospel in the next session. Titled FallingPlates, this is a “4 minute film about life, death and love.” The film is a “word picture” of the gospel. The emphasis of the film is imagery and metaphor. It contains only 189 words. The film is available in several Indian languages. It is also available on the Jesus Film Project App.

Over the years we have seen God using this film in the lives of hundreds of people. Here is a real story that happened few years ago (the names of the people in this has been changed for obvious reasons)

Kiran was working on a special project from college. He had been working at this for several hours. But all of a sudden his laptop crashed and he lost all his files. He was totally disturbed. Negative thoughts flooded his mind. He lost hope and was about to take some drastic step.

100s of miles away, Ajith, his friend was participating in a Digital Outreach (as part of a big Students’ Conference). He sent an evangelistic video, FallingPlates to few of his friends including Kiran. But only God could have orchestrated the perfect timing for the video message to hit Kiran’s inbox! In his desperate moment, Kiran, noticed the message. He start watching the FallingPlates video. While watching FallingPlates, when the battery showed 0% in the video, Kiran could see himself in the situation. Then as he saw the battery charge going up in the video, his hope was kindled. Kiran then shared about his situation with Ajith. Ajith continued the conversation (during the outreach itself). Slowly Ajith shared the gospel. Kiran gave his life to Christ. After the conference when Ajith came back to their place, they both met together. Kiran started growing in the Lord as he attended the Bible Study group every week. Moreover, he got a better job. He is now very happy and hopeful in the Lord. It all began with a short film that Ajith sent to him.

In the next session after FALLING PLATGES VIDEO you can watch a dramatized version of this real story.