Digital Missions

3. 2 Your most powerful device – Mobile Phone

As you consider Digital Missions, consider the most powerful device you have for missions. It is none other than your personal phone. Tomi T Ahonen observes that Mobile Has 9 Unique Benefits

1. Mobile is first personal mass medium

2. Permanently Connected

3. Always Carried 4. Built-in Payment Channel

5. Available at Creative Impulse

6. Has Most Accurate Audience Info

7. Captures Social Context of Consumption

8. Enables Augmented Reality

9. Offers Digital Interface (to real world)

While we may think of Digital Missions as a very sophisticated thing, please remember that even a simple text message at the right time can change a person’s life.

One of us once sent a simple message “what can we pray for you?” to one contact. This particular person called back as soon as she got the message. She asked “how did you know you have to pray for me?”. We invited her over to our home. As she came home, we felt led by the Lord to share the gospel with her. She accepted Jesus as her personal Saviour and Lord. What she told us later shocked us. She said, “I was so discouraged this morning. I was contemplating ending my life. You message stopped me. I thought, ‘see someone is thinking about me.'”

A simple text message at the right time, changed a person’s life!