Digital Missions

3. 3 Social Media

Most social media accounts are entirely free to create. Gone are the days of needing a book publisher to spread an idea, or a production studio for filming, or a group of professionals to record your voice. The Internet is, at least for now, a democracy. People who have valuable or compelling content rise to the top, while boring or irrelevant content is never read. It’s not about the costs, it’s about engaging the world with an authentic voice that has something of value to say.

Advantages and Dangers (this is not an exhaustive list) Remember we can leverage Social Media to(i) Connect with people (ii) Communicate with people (iii) Extend the congregation or expand your ministry (iv) Share the Good News (v) Mobilize resources.

But be aware of the dangers: (i) Backlash from enemies of the gospel (ii) Cyber bullying or Cyber abuses (iii) Risks of Fraud or Identity Theft (iv) Time Wastage (v) Corporate Invasion of Privacy

Some Tips for Social Media .


Post during weekends and non busy hours ; Post in a concise way (80 characters or less) ; No more than 1 or 2 posts per day ; Add a good photo ; Ask people to like, share and comment; Ask a question


Post aesthetically pleasing photos; Stick to single photos and occasionally a carousel; No stealing; Not more than 3 hashtags; Do selfies only once in a while


Post during weekends and ‘busy/work’ hours; Post 100 characters or less; Use a photo; Ask people to retweet; Use hashtags


Status updates; Use broadcast lists/groups effectively; Direct messaging; Being part of relevant groups Since images are a key part of our social media strategy, checkout the following sites to get images for free*












(*Many sites keep changing their terms and conditions. Please make sure that you can download and use the images freely from individual sites shown here.)

Suggested Content Calendar (for Social Media accounts)

Sunday – Ask an engaging question

Monday – Post a Graphic with a verse

Tuesday – Post a Video

Wednesday – Repost another ministry’s graphic

Thursday – Throwback Thursday (anything)

Friday – Recap or quote from your Meeting

Saturday – Repost a pastor or artist