Digital Missions

4. 1 Prayer Care Share

in personal evangelism, we often talk about Prayer – Care – Share as the best approach. We can apply this to Digital Missions too.

The goal of prayer-care-share is to create natural relationships with people in your life and then find a way to tell them how Christ has changed you. The process begins by choosing someone you want to introduce to Christ, then praying for discernment, direction and love toward that person.

The next step is finding tangible ways to care for that person. Ask for prayer requests, take them to a coffee, or do some physical help for them.

The final step in the prayer-care-share method is to find a way to engage in spiritual conversation.

“You may not be an evangelism expert, and you may not have gone to seminary,” says Steve Douglass, president of CCC International, “but you may well be the most qualified person to share Christ with the people in your world.”

{{name}}, as we think about Digital Missions, list people whom you can share the gospel with, start praying for them; look for opportunities to care for them (even digitally), and then use one of the digital tools to share the good news with them.