Digital Missions

4. 2 Best Tips for using Social Media

Things to Remember

1. Strive for Connection, not Attention.

2. Be Transparent, but not too Transparent.

3. Ask Yourself: Could I Say This Same Thing in Front of Someone?

4. Learn to Listen Better. 5. Avoid Stirring the Pot With the Articles You Share.

6. No Racist/Political Comments.

7. Avoid Being Mean to Bloggers.

8. Settle matters privately

9. Always use a sensitive and gentle approach

10. Consider people as individuals and not as numbers or as your ‘gospel project’.

11. Don’t wear a mask. Be sincere and keep your testimony even online.

12. Avoid Christian jargon. Express truths in alternate neutral language.

13. Pray for wisdom and significant impact.

14. Familiarize yourself with various platforms and use them

15. Share best practices and motivate others

16. Give God the glory

How to deal with negative comments

1. Consider if the comment needs an immediate response or not.

2. Decide whether responding will make things better or worse.

3. Decide whether the comment should be deleted.

4. Don’t delete comments just because they are Negative

5. Acknowledge people’s frustration.

6. Evaluate if the response should be public or private.

Biblical Standards*

1. Think before you post (Prov 15:28)

2. Keep your testimony (Prov 22:1)

3. Guard your heart (Prov 4:23, Ex 20:17)

4. Don’t let Social Media be a distraction (2 Cor 10:5: Mk 4;19)

5. Don’t be a stumbling block (1 Cor 8:9-13)

6. Be a peace maker (Eph 4:31-32; Mt 5:9)

7. Strive for Community (Heb 10:25)

*Adapted from the book WWJP by Brian D Wassom