Digital Missions

4. 3 Some General Guidelines for Your Digital Life

1.Use unique passwords or a password manager like Lastpass

2.Avoid Geotagging of photos

3.Stay off Politics

4.Avoid keeping Facebook open when not in use

5.Use genuine software, to prevent malware

6.Be aware of Phishing (Careful when clicking links)

7.No Sign in with Google, unless absolutely necessary

8.Stay off Third Part unknown applications

9.Be careful of unknown Websites / Attachments

10.Ensure you are following https:// or secure websites

Please do not share stories, statistics (related to ministry results) and strategies (related to ministry) and perhaps snaps too in social media where public can access it. Better not to share these in Whatsapp / Facebook too as your recipients may carelessly forward these to others. Consider the hostility towards missions in our country. There are many enemies of the gospel and religious fanatic groups. We ought to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves as Jesus told us.