Digital Missions

4. 6 Be warned

Remember we serve a Holy God who wants us to be holy. While we navigate the digital space, please be warned about pornography. Many people get addicted to this. Some think it is alright. But remember it would destroy your spiritual life and eventually your physical life too. So stay away.

Pornography is essentially wrong because of its message: it rips sexuality from its relational context and presents human beings not as creatures made in God’s image, but as sexual commodities—something to be bought and sold. Watching porn disconnects us from real relationships. Watching porn desensitizes us to cruelty. Watching porn taps into the neuro circuitry of our brains, making us desire the rush of sexual energy from porn again and again. Here are some quick steps to overcome.

Step One: Confess your Struggle

Step Two: Understand Your Triggers

Step Three: Relate with God

Step Four: Engage Others

Step Five: Repeat the Steps as a Lifestyle

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If you are struggling with this issue, pray and seek help. You may visit and share your challenges with a online missionary